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September 2021

  1. How to Fluff a Pillow at Home

    How to Fluff a Pillow at Home
    A pillow helps keep the body well-aligned during sleep, alleviating pressure points and allowing optimal blood flow. Using a cushion of the proper loft and firmness at the right places under the head, between your arms, or legs can impact your sleep quality immensely. According to the NHS, having a good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy and long...
  2. Snoring Cities

    Snoring Cities
    The cities with the biggest snoring problem in the UK and abroad Snoring is a very common health issue that affects the quality of sleep of the snorer as well as that of their partner. Covering your ears with spare pillows often just won’t cut it, as snoring can be so disrupting at night that it can force people to sleep in...
  3. How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

    How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow
    It is common knowledge that you should aim for an average of 8 hours of sleep each night. With one-third of our days spent in bed, it is important to have the perfect pillows to make sleeping as comfortable as possible.  Memory foam pillows are made of an innovative, synthetic material that contours to your head and neck, providing the...
  4. How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?

    How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?
    It’s hard not to find yourself constantly thinking about germs, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and safety. While you’re busy disinfecting your kitchen, bathrooms, and communal living spaces, you might be shocked to learn just how much filth and bacteria your bed could be collecting.  A survey of UK citizens covered by Healthy Magazine found that 52% of people are aware they...
  5. How Do Anti-Snore Pillows Work?

    How Do Anti-Snore Pillows Work?
    Snoring at night can be a significant problem for you and your partner and sometimes makes it impossible to get a good night's sleep. If snoring is causing severe issues with your sleep, you may want to invest in anti-snore pillows. Anti-snore pillows are specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of snoring, allowing you to enjoy better rest at night...
  6. Best Pillows for Neck Pain

    Best Pillows for Neck Pain
    When you wake up, you want to feel rested and refreshed. Neck pain is the last thing you want to deal with! Often, aches and pains upon waking are simply due to the wrong type of pillow. The good news is that this is a quick and easy fix. All you have to do is replace your pillows. That said...
  7. Down Vs Feather Pillows: What’s the Difference?

    Down Vs Feather Pillows: What’s the Difference?
    When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, pillows are an essential factor that makes a huge difference in your overall nightly comfort.  When deciding what kind of pillow to buy, you may have some questions. What are my options? What is a down pillow vs a feather pillow? Are down pillows suitable for me and my needs? No...
  8. Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow?

    Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow?
    A quality pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep. But pillows go through a lot of wear and tear. They absorb sweat and moisture over time, causing them to turn yellow. These unsightly stains usually mean you need a new pillow.  This guide will help you troubleshoot your pillow’s yellow stains and keep them in tip-top shape. What causes...
  9. Should Shoulders Be on Pillow When Sleeping?

    Should Shoulders Be on Pillow When Sleeping?
    Nothing quite compares to waking up after an incredible night’s sleep feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed. If you haven’t experienced that feeling in a while, it’s time to reexamine your body and pillow placement. Whether you are a back, side, or front sleeper, the way you sleep on your pillow affects your overall health.  We’re not here to tell you...
  10. How to Wash Feather Pillows

    How to Wash Feather Pillows
    A good feather pillow can add a plush and luxurious look to your bedroom. When you find that feather pillow that’s just perfect for you, you want to keep it as long as you can. But what about when your pillow gets dirty or starts to develop an odour? Can you wash it? Yes! This guide will show you how...

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