Snoring at night can be a significant problem for you and your partner and sometimes makes it impossible to get a good night's sleep. If snoring is causing severe issues with your sleep, you may want to invest in anti-snore pillows.

Anti-snore pillows are specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of snoring, allowing you to enjoy better rest at night. With a soft and comfortable filling, these pillows are a great choice if you or your partner struggles with snoring. 

At Sleepseeker, our guide below looks into the causes of snoring, how anti-snore pillows work and whether you should try them. 

What causes snoring?

A snore occurs if the tissues in your throat loosen to the point of obstructing the airway and vibrating. A narrow airway can cause the airflow to become more rigid and vibrate more, and it’s this vibration that leads to a louder snore. 

There are several potential causes of snoring, such as:

  • The size and shape of your mouth and sinuses 
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Weight 
  • Allergies
  • A cold or other sicknesses  

Your mouth anatomy can lead to snoring, such as a thick roof of your mouth or a long uvula. Alcohol consumption can make your throat muscles relax more and lead to snoring as well. Nasal congestion or a deviated nasal septum can also increase your chance of snoring.

Sleep deprivation may cause your throat muscles to relax and the snoring to begin as well. The sleep position you choose can similarly affect the narrowing of your airway. For example, back sleepers are more likely to snore because of the position they are in.

How anti-snore pillows work

Anti-snore pillows are carefully designed to support your head and neck, promoting better and safer breathing during sleep. 

The foam inside the pillow has an S shape core that supports and comforts the head and neck. This extra support to the neck and head will help alleviate any snoring. With this pillow, you'll be able to breathe better at night and sleep well.

Help support your head and neck

With the support it provides your head and neck, the anti-snore pillow does exactly what it's designed to do. In addition, this pillow supports your neck and head in a way that allows you to move comfortably during the night.

These pillows support your upper body, whether you like to fall asleep on your side or your back. The filling in this luxury pillow is soft, providing you with the comfort you need. The cotton cover, which is cosy and naturally breathable, will also help to keep you cool. 

Benefits of anti-snore pillows

The significant benefits of anti-snore pillows include:

  • The chance to sleep soundly throughout the night
  • Improving your sleep position
  • Getting more support to keep you comfortable
  • Reducing snoring levels 
  • Enhancing your breathing during the night
  • Boosting your mood by decreasing insomnia
  • Making it easier for your partner to sleep in the same bed

These major advantages to anti-snore pillows show precisely why you should consider purchasing such effective sleep technology if you suffer from snoring.

Other ways to reduce snoring

Besides an anti-snore pillow, there are a variety of things you can do to reduce your snoring. For example, you can choose a different sleep position. These are some of the typical ways to reduce snoring, along with purchasing anti-snore pillows:

  • Sleep on your side - Sleeping on your back can cause your tongue to fall backwards on your throat's wall. By sleeping on your side, you can help prevent any blockages to airflow. Shop our pillows for side sleepers.
  • Losing weight - Have you gained weight in recent years and started snoring? If so, losing weight may help you snore less as well.
  • Avoid alcohol before bed - If you're a snorer, avoid drinking alcohol about 4 hours before bedtime. Even people who never snore may start if they drank alcohol right before bed. 
  • Get enough sleep - You'll also need to practice decent sleep hygiene, which means getting enough sleep and not working late into the night. 
  • Stay hydrated - If you're dehydrated, then your nasal passages and the roof of your mouth could be sticky and cause loud snoring. As such, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Keep nasal passageways open - Try to open up your nasal passageways when you’re sleeping. If you have a cold or another blockage, your nasal airways could cause snoring. 

Something as simple as taking a hot shower before bed could open up your nasal passageways and reduce snoring. 

When a pillow isn't enough

If anti-snore pillows aren't working, there may be other pillows that could do the trick and improve your sleep overnight. At Sleepseeker we have a wide range of pillows for you to choose from, including hollowfibre pillows, feather pillows and memory foam pillows.

Some medical conditions may be the cause of your snoring. If you find that a pillow isn't enough to alleviate your snoring and no other remedies are working, seek the assistance of a doctor or sleep specialist. 

Sleep Apnoea (CPAP)

When a pillow isn't enough, sleep apnoea may be a possible cause. Sleep apnoea is a medical condition in which people have abnormal breathing patterns when they sleep. Elongated gaps in breathing lead to poor sleep quality as well as lapses in the oxygen supply for the body. 

Poor quality of sleep could have severe consequences for a patient with sleep apnoea. Loud snoring and snorting are associated with sleep apnoea and daytime tiredness, moodiness, and headaches in the mornings.

If you have these symptoms, speak with your medical provider to see if you may have sleep apnoea. 

Find the right anti-snore pillows for you

Anti-snore pillows can improve your sleep quality and offer you a better night’s rest. Before you know it, you'll be sleeping comfortably through the night with little to no snoring. 

At Sleepseeker we are specialists in duvets and pillows, and offer options for side sleepers, back sleepers and front sleepers.