The pillows you choose affect your comfort throughout the night and influence the quality of your sleep. When buying a pillow, it's important to get a product that meets your individual sleeping needs. 

If you're a front sleeper, you may prefer a soft pillow, with hollowfibre and natural filling products both available. At SleepSeeker, we have a wide array of pillows for front sleepers to choose from.

Should front sleepers use a pillow?

There are many ways to sleep, and people are often categorised as either front, back, or side sleepers. While most people switch positions throughout the night, many people have a dominant sleeping position. Front sleeping is also known as sleeping on your stomach, with this position the least popular of the three.

While front sleeping can help to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, it is not advised as the primary sleeping position due to the likelihood of back and neck problems. Sleeping on your stomach for any extended period of time places uneven weight in the middle section of your body, which can strain your back, neck, and joints. Front sleepers should always sleep with a pillow to minimise these dangers.

What type of pillow is best for front sleepers?

Buying the right pillow for your body and sleeping style is essential for everyone. In order to inspire great sleep, you need to feel comfortable and supported as soon as you get into bed. People have vastly different sleeping needs, and most front sleepers prefer a soft, thin, and breathable pillow.

Soft low-loft pillows help to align the spine and reduce pressure on the body. This is important for front sleepers in order to prevent aches and pains throughout the night. SleepSeeker has a number of soft pillows available, including 100% hollowfibre products and natural pillows made from feather and down blends.

How many pillows should a front sleeper use?

If you sleep on your stomach, you should only use one pillow. Additional pillows, or very firm and lofty pillows, will elevate your head and place additional pressure on the middle section of the body. This leads to misalignment of the spine, which can cause pain both while you sleep and during your waking life. A single soft pillow is normally enough to support your head and keep you comfortable.

SleepSeeker’s recommended pillows for front sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach on a regular basis is not recommended due to potential back and neck problems. While front sleeping can be comfortable on occasion when combined with other sleeping styles, it's important to avoid unwanted long-term sleeping habits. SleepSeeker keeps a wide range of pillows in stock at all times, including hollowfibre pillows and feather pillows.

The following soft pillows are loved by many front sleepers:

Slumberdown Cosy Nights Soft Support Pillow

Slumberdown Cosy Nights pillows are popular with many people in the UK. These products are available in soft, medium, and firm variations. Cosy Nights soft is preferred by many front sleepers due to its low-loft design. These pillows are made from soft hollowfibre filling – this synthetic polyester material provides a light and comfortable sleeping sensation.

This product includes a soft touch cover, with microfibre material surrounding the pillow for extra softness and protection. This pillow is durable, easy to look after, and made here in the UK. This product is washing machine and tumble drier friendly, so you can have it cleaned and back on your bed without delay. If you sleep on your stomach, the Slumberdown Cosy Nights soft support pillow is a great way to support your head, align your spine, and inspire your sleep.

Slumberdown Anti Allergy Soft Support Pillow

The Slumberdown Anti Allergy pillow provides reliable protection from common environmental allergens. From dust mites to bacteria and fungi, these pathogens can cause physical discomfort and a range of respiratory problems. This anti-allergy pillow is available in soft, medium, and firm variations, with the soft option ideal for front sleepers. This pillow is perfect for people who suffer from asthma and other allergy issues, and it comes with Allergy UK's Seal of Approval.

This pillow is made from 100% hollowfibre filling, which is surrounded by a soft microfibre cover. Hollowfibre material is made from hollow strands of polyester, which helps to create a light and comfortable sleeping sensation. Slumberdown is a well-respected bedding manufacturer, so you can rely on smart design decisions and quality materials. The Slumberdown Anti Allergy soft support pillow is available as a double pack, 4 pack, and 6 pack to support you and your entire family.

View our guide on how anti allergy pillows work for more information.

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Soft Support Pillow

Everyone has their own sleeping preferences, with some people preferring the softness and natural support of feather and down materials. The Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down soft support pillow is made from 80% goose down and 20% goose feather for the ultimate in natural warmth. These luxury pillows are ideal for front sleepers, and the soft filling provides the perfect place to rest your head after a long day.

This pillow offers the perfect amount of gentle sink-in support while you drift away into the clouds. The soft goose down and feather filling is surrounded by a super fine 300-thread count cotton jacquard fabric cover. This pillow is available in single packs, double packs, and four packs. If you're looking for a touch of luxury that you can really feel, the Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down pillow is the perfect sleeping solution.

Slumberdown Front Sleeper Soft Support Pillow

The Slumberdown Front Sleeper has been specifically designed for people who sleep on their stomach. If you sleep on your front, you need a pillow that prevents your neck from bending backwards at an angle. This pillow has been designed by the Slumberdown team to provide gentle head and neck support while prioritising the alignment of your spine. If you want a pillow made just for front sleepers, this Slumberdown design is tough to beat.

This pillow is made from hollowfibre material, which is lightweight, comfortable, and soft without being too lofty. This pillow is non-allergenic, so it is a great option for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies. It’s highly durable, machine washable, and tumble dryer friendly for the ultimate easy-cleaning solution. The Slumberdown Front Sleeper soft support pillow is available in multi-packs and made in the UK.

If you're looking for a soft pillow designed for front sleepers, SleepSeeker is here to help. Please make an order today or contact our customer support team for friendly advice.

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