Whenever you buy new bedding, it's important to find a pillow that matches your sleeping habits. The right pillow improves your comfort and aligns your neck and spine throughout the night. This has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep, so you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

At SleepSeeker, we have a wide range of pillows in stock, including multiple options for side sleepers. If you sleep on your side and want a firm pillow, we have hollowfibre and memory foam options available at our store.

What type of pillow is best for side sleepers?

Most people switch positions throughout the night, but many people have a dominant sleeping position. Side sleeping is a very common way to sleep, either by itself or in combination with back and front sleeping. This sleeping position helps to reduce pressure on the heart, and it's also great for snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. Most side sleepers prefer a relatively firm pillow, with medium- and high-loft options both available from SleepSeeker.

If you're a side sleeper, firm pillows can help you to maintain a balanced body position throughout the night. These pillows allow neutral spine alignment, which helps to reduce aches and pains and promote a healthy posture in the waking world. Firm pillows are generally made from synthetic materials, with natural filling often too lofty and soft. SleepSeeker has a number of firm pillows available, including 100% hollowfibre pillows and products made from advanced memory foam.

How many pillows should a side sleeper use?

Like many things in life, how you sleep is a matter of personal preference. While some people prefer a pile of pillows, others like a couple or one perfect pillow. Generally speaking, a single firm pillow is recommended for people who sleep on their sides. While two pillows may be required for people with very broad shoulders, a single well-chosen pillow will generally do the job. One high-quality firm pillow is sufficient to maintain a natural spine position and promote a healthy long-term posture.

SleepSeeker’s recommended pillows for side sleepers

Sleeping on your side is a healthy way to sleep. Whether you sleep on your side all night long or switch positions over the night, a firm pillow helps to ensure a healthy body position. At SleepSeeker, our wide range of products includes firm pillows made from hollowfibre and memory foam materials.

The following firm pillows are loved by many side sleepers:

Slumberdown Super Support Firm Pillow

The Slumberdown Super Support firm pillow is preferred by many side sleepers due to its super support design. This pillow has a unique core block for added head, neck, and spine support. It encourages spine alignment and helps to reduce everyday aches and pains. Made from synthetic polyester material, it features a soft polycotton fabric cover.

The Slumberdown Super Support firm pillow is available as a twin pack, 4-pack, and 6-pack. This pillow is durable, easy to look after, and made in the UK. It is washing machine and tumble drier friendly for the ultimate in cleaning convenience, ready to inspire quality sleep night after night. If you sleep on your side and want a pillow that holds your head at the perfect position, this pillow is tough to beat.

Slumberdown Box Edge Firm Support Pillow

The Slumberdown Box Edge firm support pillow is a much-loved product that provides maximum head and neck support. This pillow has been designed with a unique box edge that holds your head at the perfect position. It encourages your spine to straighten, inspiring great restful sleep and helping to reduce everyday aches and pains. This pillow offers firm support and is preferred by many side and back sleepers.

The Slumberdown Box Edge firm support pillow is made from 100% hollowfibre, with this synthetic polyester material both highly comfortable and easy to care for. This pillow features an Easy Care design, which means it's both machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. It also has a 100% natural cotton cover for the perfect mix of internal support and external softness.

Slumberdown Memory Plus Firm Support Pillow

The Slumberdown Memory Foam Plus firm support pillow features an advanced memory foam design. This product offers a different take on pillow firmness, with pressure-relieving memory foam wrapped around a luxury Cloud Cluster microfibre filling. This pillow is great for side sleepers due to its super supportive and highly comfortable design.

The inner core of this pillow stays firm throughout the night, and the microfibre cover is soft to touch and highly comfortable. The Slumberdown Memory Foam Plus firm support pillow is ideal for anyone who sleeps on their side. Along with its firmness and comfort, this pillow is non-allergenic and great for allergy sufferers. While this pillow can't be washed in a machine due to its advanced memory foam design, it's easy to clean with a gentle damp cloth.

Snuggledown Side Sleeper Firm Support Pillow

The Snuggledown Side Sleeper firm support pillow is a great option for side sleepers. This pillow is deep-filled with 100% hollowfibre for extra neck and shoulder support. It features a deep box wall construction that goes right to the edge of the pillow, which is great for anyone who needs a little extra support. Despite its unique shape, this pillow fits a standard pillowcase and is surrounded by a 100% cotton cover.

The Snuggledown Side Sleeper firm support pillow is ideal for anyone who sleeps on their side. If you prefer a slightly fuller design and like to keep your head and back in perfect alignment, this pillow is a great fit. This Snuggledown pillow is non-allergenic, which means there's nothing inside to cause any allergic reactions. Like most of our pillows, this product is available in multiple pack sizes, including singles, doubles, and 4-packs.

Snuggledown V-Shaped Firm Support Pillow

The Snuggledown V-Shaped Firm Support pillow is loved by many for its firmness and unique V-shaped design. This pillow provides additional support and is often used as a second pillow. Great for reading, streaming Netflix, or nursing babies, this pillow helps to keep you upright while you relax in bed. V-shaped pillows can also be used during the night, with their firm wrap-around design helping to prevent unwanted movement in bed.

The Snuggledown V-Shaped firm support pillow offers firm yet comfortable support in an affordable package. This pillow has 100% hollowfibre filling and is surrounded by a 50% polyester and 50% cotton cover blend. If you have allergies or are aggravated by natural feather and down pillows, this Snuggledown product is a great alternative.

If you're looking for a firm pillow designed for side sleepers, SleepSeeker is here to help. Please make an order today or contact our customer support team for friendly advice.