Duvet covers add personality and aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. They can turn a plain duvet into something inspiring and even protect your duvet from wear and tear. 

Of course, you need to wash the duvet and duvet cover at some point, and that means entering into a wrestling match with your duvet. Not only do you need to wriggle your duvet out of the cover, but then you have to somehow work it back on after you wash everything. 

You could skip the struggle and throw everything into the washing machine as is, but it’s unlikely that your duvet would come clean. 

What if you didn’t have to fret over removing and replacing your duvet cover ever again? It would be a gamechanger, right? We thought so, and that’s why we created this handy guide to walk you through everything you need to know about how to put on a duvet cover. 

The Traditional Method

Let’s start with the traditional method for those who prefer doing things the “normal” way. While there’s no right way to do this, the traditional method should make life easier when you wash your bedding or redesign your bedroom!

  1. Spread your clean duvet flat across your bed, making sure to match its corners with your mattress corners. 
  1. Turn your clean duvet cover inside out.
  1. Reaching inside the inverted duvet cover, grab a hold of the top two corners so that you have one in each hand.
  1. While firmly grasping the duvet cover’s corners, grab onto the top two corners of your duvet.
  1. Without letting go of the corners, flip your duvet cover over the duvet so that it’s right-side-out.
  1. Shake both pieces until the duvet cover falls mostly into place over the duvet.
  1. Release the top two corners of the duvet and duvet cover.
  1. Set the duvet and duvet cover on your bed to give you better leverage.
  1. Gently pull the bottom of the duvet cover down toward the bottom of the duvet.
  1. Tuck your duvet’s bottom corners inside the duvet cover’s bottom corners.
  1. Close the opening, smooth it out, and you’re done!

Note that this technique should work for duvets and duvet covers of any size. The traditional method works even if your duvet and duvet cover aren’t exactly the same size.

The California Roll Method

Maybe you don’t like anything traditional, or perhaps the above method never seems to work well for you. Thankfully, there is another way to conveniently work your duvet into the duvet cover of your choice. The California Roll method is fun, easy, and inspired by sushi-making!

  1. Start with a clean duvet cover turned inside out. 
  1. Spread your inverted duvet cover on top of your mattress. Make sure the opening faces away from you.
  1. Lay your clean duvet on top of the duvet cover.
  1. Line up the duvet and duvet cover exactly with edges and corners matching. Note that if your duvet cover features ties at the corners, connect them with the loops on the duvet to make life easier.
  1. Start at the side opposite the duvet cover’s opening and roll both pieces. 
  1. Adjusting the edges as you go, roll the duvet and duvet cover into a long tube.
  1. Once you reach the end, use the duvet cover’s opening to stuff your duvet inside until the entire end is in place.
  1. Close the duvet cover around your duvet “California Roll.”
  1. Situate the “California Roll” on the bed with the closure at the foot of your bed.
  1. Carefully unroll until it’s completely open. Note that at this point, the unrolling requires some pulling to separate the duvet cover.
  1. Shake the duvet cover to get the appropriate fluff and ensure the duvet fills out the cover properly.

We should note that the California Roll methods won’t work well if your duvet is significantly smaller than your duvet cover. Since matching the pieces up exactly is crucial for a good outcome, that won’t work if there is a notable size discrepancy.

Additionally, some people may recognise the California Roll method because it’s similar to the burrito technique. Both methods achieve nearly identical results and make the chore of putting a duvet cover on your duvet a bit more bearable.

Shop Duvets

Knowing how to put on a duvet cover is only worthwhile if you have the right duvet for your bed. There are several things to consider when purchasing a new duvet to complete your bedding set.

Get the Right Size

Start by determining the duvet size that works best with your bed. While you can easily use a larger duvet on a smaller bed without sacrificing too much, the opposite isn’t true. Avoid purchasing a duvet that’s too small for your bed.

If you have a duvet cover that you love, make sure you purchase a duvet that fits inside it. Even if the duvet cover is a bit larger than the duvet, it should work. However, cramming an oversized duvet into a smaller cover will look messy and be a headache to put on!

Choose the Proper Filling

You can choose a synthetic or natural filled duvet, depending on your preferences. While the filling doesn’t affect how you put on a duvet cover, it can impact your sleeping experience. 

Synthetic duvets have artificial, man-made interiors, like hollowfibre. The synthetic duvets tend to be more cost-effective, lighter weight, and better for people with some allergies.

Natural filled duvets may feature duck or goose feathers or down. People seeking warmer, more traditional duvets may gravitate toward the natural filled duvets.

Since both types have advantages and disadvantages, it comes down to what you can afford and which filled duvet is best for you.

Check the Tog Rating

Tog ratings tell you a lot about a duvet and how it will make you feel. People who need something lighter should consider duvets with low tog ratings, while those who crave cosy warmth or live in cold climates may want to explore those with higher tog ratings.

Never fret about replacing your duvet cover again. With these methods and the right duvet cover, you can change your cover frequently with ease.