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About Us

At Sleepseeker, we think that a good night's sleep is something that every family deserves. Our bedding delivers the perfect mix of quality fabrics, cuddly soft fillings and unique features to meet the needs of all the family. We offer a unique mix of quality bedding products at affordable prices. We’re a family brand with a keen focus on giving all members of the family a happy night’s sleep.


Our UK based manufacturing site is home to our accredited testing lab where our products are tested for comfort, quality & durability. Working with Professor Jason Ellis, Director of Science at Northumbria University gives us a unique insight into the how people sleep and how we can help them sleep better. A dedicated research and development team are committed to creating quality, innovative products that meet the needs of all the family.

Value for Money

Our UK based manufacturing plant makes over 6 million duvets and 12 million pillows every year. Meaning that we can bring you the very best in cutting edge pillow & duvet at very affordable prices.

Customer Service

At Sleepseeker we are dedicated to bringing the nation a happy night's sleep. We have a unique blend of sleep expertise, customer knowledge and manufacturing capabilities which makes us stand out above all others. Our experienced customer service team are on hand to offer help, advice or to listen to any thoughts or concerns that you might have. Visit ask us to make contact.