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Electric Blankets

Electric blankets help to create the ideal sleeping environment, even on the coldest of nights. Our electric blankets provide a deep and relaxing quality of sleep, with pre-warming and variable temperature settings offering an unmatched level of control. At SleepSeeker, our electric under blankets and dual control blankets help to promote the perfect night's sleep.

3 Reasons to Buy an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets offer numerous benefits over traditional bedding. Temperature-controlled environments are associated with better sleep quality, which has a range of positive effects on every aspect of life. Electric blankets are also more efficient and affordable than other forms of heating. Let's look at three great reasons to invest in an electric blanket.

1. Better sleep quality - Electric blankets can help to improve the quality of your sleep. Our bodies go through a number of changes over the night, and temperature regulation helps to promote deeper rest and relaxation. When you get a better quality of sleep, you're likely to wake up in a better mood, have more energy throughout the day, and experience better health outcomes throughout your life.

2. Control your environment - Electric blankets provide you with ultimate control over your sleeping environment. Unlike regular blankets, you can set a precise temperature both before and while you sleep. At SleepSeeker, our electric blankets come with pre-warming and variable temperature settings for total control. Instead of waking up when it gets cold or needing to heat your entire room, electric blankets provide a smart alternative.

3. Save money on heating - Electric blankets can help to save you money on heating bills. With a snuggly electric blanket by your side, your overnight and early morning heating needs will be reduced dramatically. Lots of people are surprised by how much money they can save by buying an electric blanket. If you like to read or stream media in your bed before you sleep, an electric blanket is a great new friend.

The Different Types of Electric Blanket

SleepSeeker offers electric blankets at a great price point, including under blankets and dual control electric blankets. While both types of blankets offer advantages, it's important to choose a product that matches your personal sleeping needs.

Under Blankets

An electric under blanket is designed to fit under your fitted bottom sheet. Because these products are meant to go directly on top of your mattress, they are ideal for people who want a consistent application of heat across the whole bed. The use of an internal wiring system provides a steady source of heat, and some products can be programmed for a set interval of time.

Dual Control Electric Blankets

Dual control electric blankets allow you to control warmth independently on either side of the bed. Everyone has different needs from heating, and dual controls allow you to customise your own sleeping experience without forcing anything on your partner. At SleepSeeker, we offer dual control blankets with variable temperature settings.

Choosing the Right Size Electric Blanket

SleepSeeker offers electric blankets in diverse size ranges. Along with control and fitting options, it's important to choose a blanket that matches your bed. We make it easy to browse products based on size to ensure the perfect fit, with single, double, king, and super king options all available at our online store.

Introducing SleepSeeker’s Branded Electric Blanket Collections

At SleepSeeker, our branded electric blanket collection includes under blankets and dual control electric blankets, among other products. For peace of body and mind, we only work with leading global brands like Slumberdown. If you want to buy electric blankets online, SleepSeeker offers high-quality products at leading prices. Please make an order today or contact our customer support team for friendly advice.

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