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Cooling Pillows

What is a cooling pillow?

Designed with your comfort in mind, a cooling pillow is a type of bedding that helps to regulate body temperature by providing a cooler sleeping surface. The perfect respite from those warmer days and nights. 

How do cooling pillows work 

Cooling pillows aid us during the warmer months of the year to provide us with a more comfortable, and cool, sleeping surface. They work by dissipating heat from your body, which often involves incorporating materials that give a high thermal conductivity such as gel or gel-infused memory foam. 

Another way in which a cooling pillow works is by using moisture management technology, which allows the pillow to stay cool all night long. It works by absorbing moisture that is generated by body heat and quickly transporting it to the fabric face. The face of the cooling pillow continues to absorb moisture, resulting in a cooling effect on the skin. 

Find out more about the science of cooling pillows in our guide: How Do Cooling Pillows Work?

What are the benefits of cooling pillows?

After a day enjoying the hot weather, there is nothing worse than resenting it at night. Tossing and turning in the heat can leave people feeling frustrated and awake and, when you have errands to do or work in the morning, feeling rundown and underslept can interfere with your concentration. 

When purchasing a cooling pillow, you are making an investment in yourself, your sleep quality and your productivity. Not only are they made from long lasting and hard-wearing materials, cooling pillows allow the user to have a better nights’ sleep, as well as a comfortable one. 

It's important to note that cooling pillows work in conjunction with your body's natural temperature. While they can help create a cooler sleeping environment and enhance comfort, individuals may experience them slightly differently depending on personal preferences, room temperature, and other factors that influence body heat.

What other cooling products are available? 

Many of us experience disrupted sleeping during the summer months, as temperatures rise we find ourselves out of sorts with our usual sleeping pattern. That’s why at Sleepseeker, we stock a range of cooling products such as mattress toppers and summer duvets to make sure you get the best night's sleep, no matter what the temperature outside is. 

Want to find out more about cooling products? In our guide section you can explore what the best cooling mattress toppers for hot sleepers are, or delve into our ultimate guide on coverless duvets. 

So stay out of the heat this summer and continue having a comfortable nights’ sleep with a cooling pillow from Sleepseeker. We stock cooling pillows from trusted UK brands built with sustainability, comfort and durability in mind. Shop the range here. 

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