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Pregnancy Support Pillows

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While pregnancy is a joyful and exciting time, it certainly isn't easy. Your sleep quality can be significantly disrupted as your baby grows and moves around, which is why it’s important to have the right pillows to support you. 

Pregnancy pillows can make a huge difference for mums to be, so it's no wonder that so many pregnant women are using it for their health and wellbeing during and after pregnancy.

At Sleepseeker, we have a wide range of pillows available for you to choose from, including pregnancy support pillows. Find the right pillow to support you as you sleep and improve your sleep quality. 

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Some women wonder if they need a pregnancy pillow and the answer is yes, particularly in the second and third trimesters. Pregnancy pillows will allow you to support your ever-changing body throughout the pregnancy, which can relieve pain, allow you to find a comfortable position and ultimately get a good night's sleep.

There are many types of maternity pillows on the market, including V-shaped pillows and body support pillows.

While you can make a regular pillow work during pregnancy, it is unlikely to provide as much support to you or your baby bump. This is because standard pillows can compress quickly and often need readjusting throughout the night, especially if you like to switch sides.

Benefits of a pregnancy pillow

There are numerous benefits to using a pregnancy support pillow to improve your sleep quality. These include:

Increased support

Standard pillows are unlikely to provide the full body support that the best pregnancy pillows will give, leading to a less comfortable night's sleep at times. However, pillows specially designed for pregnancy will give your body all the support it needs, exactly where it is required, right up until the baby arrives.

Many use these pillows long after the little one arrives. Some of the best pregnancy pillows can also be used as nursing pillows or a feeding support pillow a little later down the line.

Ensures better sleep

A body support pillow will take the strain off your back and the rest of your body, allowing a reduction in pain throughout the entire body, including legs, hips, neck and shoulders. 

Maternity and pregnancy pillows can also ensure your posture is not affected by your growing body. There is often a risk of developing sciatica during pregnancy, which is all too common without the help of pregnancy support pillows.

Manages pregnancy conditions

Pregnancy pillows can help keep acid reflux, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion at bay. Even a budget pregnancy pillow can easily prevent the symptoms of these conditions from cropping up at night.

Easily change sleep positions

Changing sleep positions with a heavily pregnant belly is not easy. If you toss and turn a lot, the best pregnancy pillow will allow you to adapt your sleeping position throughout the night. Best of all, there's no need to readjust the pillows, meaning you avoid waking yourself up in the process.

Helps you avoid sleeping on your back

A maternity pillow is great for stopping you from rolling onto your back when pregnant. This sleep position isn't advised because the major organs around the stomach can put pressure on the uterus.

Many pillows for pregnancy are designed for side sleepers, allowing maximum blood flow and providing tummy and back support. 

Easy to care for

The best pregnancy pillow is not only easy to use but super easy to clean too. Simply take off the machine washable cover and throw it in the wash.

FAQs about pregnancy support pillows

When should you start using pregnancy pillows?

There's no fixed time to start using these pillows, but it's recommended that when you feel some slight discomfort, that is the ideal time to begin. At around 20 weeks your tummy will start to expand, leading to increased pains, so this is about the perfect time to find the right pillow.

How many weeks should you use a pregnancy body pillow?

You can use a pregnancy body pillow for as long as you like. A lot of people use it beyond pregnancy for sleeping, and you can even use them as a breastfeeding pillow.

Can you sleep on your stomach with a pregnancy pillow?

You can sleep on your stomach when pregnant, but you will need a pillow with a hole for the tummy otherwise it can be uncomfortable. Doctors also do not recommend this position without the support of a pillow of this kind. 

Browse our range of pregnancy pillows today

At Sleepseeker we have a range of pillows designed specifically for when you are expecting. Discover our range to find the perfect pillow to last you throughout your trimesters and beyond.

We also have a wide selection of bedding from duvets and pillow protectors to mattress toppers and mattress protectors to improve your sleep.

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