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Outdoor Cushions

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The benefits of outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions can breathe a new breath of life into your outdoor space, just in time for those summer get-togethers.

So, what are the benefits of plumping up your outdoor cushion game?

  • Enhanced style: Adding cushions to your outdoor furniture can bring style and atmosphere to your garden. Why not bring a more summery feel with some pops of colour in your green space?
  • Extra comfort: Cushions can turn a deck chair or sun lounger into the luxurious experience, one that you deserve. Get the most out of those warm summer days with some cushioning
  • Easy cleaning: Outdoor cushions are designed to be adaptable. This means they will be long-lasting and easy to clean

If you’re worried about your cushions being left out in the elements, read our guide on how to clean outdoor cushions for peace of mind.

Explore our range of outdoor cushions

Our range of garden cushions has been expertly curated to guarantee comfort, style, and durability in every cushion. Why not take some steps towards having a stunning, cosy outdoor space with a top-quality cushion selection?

With cushions of different sizes and materials, you'll find the perfect fit to complement your garden furniture at Sleepseeker. Whether you're looking for a singularBig Relax Waterproof Cushionor a2 in 1 cocoon set, we've got some great options to spruce up your space.

Achieve dream-like comfort with Sleepseeker

Wherever you decide to get comfortable, the team over at Sleepseeker can help. Our goal is to make the home as tranquil and cosy as possible, whether you're in the garden, living room or bedroom.

The possibilities of a great night's sleep are endless, frompillow protectorstoelectric blankets.

Need some advice on your journey towards great sleep? We understand there is a lot to choose from.Get in touchwith our team of sleep experts if you need a nudge in the right direction.

FAQs about outdoor cushions

How do I keep outdoor cushions fresh?

Outdoor cushions can become a little weathered after long periods outside and on garden chairs. To keep them fresh, we recommend cleaning them regularly, ensuring you clean any mess or spills as soon as they happen to avoid staining.

Avoid leaving cushions out outside in your garden or patio space during bad weather, and if they do happen to get wet or dirty, follow the washing instructions on their label.

Can outdoor cushions be left outside in bad weather?

Would you leave clothes out on the line during a storm? Probably not! Protecting outdoor cushions is essential, although they are often designed with resistant materials. Storing them throughout poor weather periods will help keep them fresh and clean.

How can I store outdoor cushions during winter?

If you have the space, you should store outdoor cushions inside your home in a cool, dry place during off-periods. To save up even more space, you could invest in vacuum bags to make the pillows more compact during storage.

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