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Anti Allergy Mattress Protectors

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An anti allergy mattress protector is a perfect addition to any bedding arrangement. This durable, long-lasting type of bedding protection is designed to guard you and your family from allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, bacteria and fungus. All of which can accumulate on mattresses over time and trigger allergic reactions or, in a worst case scenario, cause respiratory problems. 

Made from materials that repel allergens, anti allergy mattress protectors work by preventing allergens from penetrating the fabric of your mattress. Common materials found in anti allergen bedding include: 

  • Microfibre
  • Cotton
  • Various polyester blends

How do anti allergy mattress protectors work?

Available in a range of sizes to fit your mattress, anti allergy mattress protectors form a barrier between the sleeper and any allergens that could trigger an allergic reaction. The materials used in production prevent allegens from entering the mattress and bedding, giving you peace of mind - before and during your sleep. 

At Sleepseeker, we have a range of anti allergy mattress protectors and other bedding to suit your individual needs. One example is the Slumberdown Anti Allergy Mattress Protector, which is an all year-round use mattress protector and perfect for those who are more sensitive to seasonal changes. 

To give yourself full protection from any sleep-disturbing allergens, you can go all-out with other anti allergy items to use alongside your mattress protector. The Snuggledown Fresh Wash Anti Allergy Pillow Pack is perfect for an allergy sufferer who also needs extra back support. Furthermore, choosing anti allergy bedding products does not mean you need to compromise on luxury, as the Clean & Healthy Duck Feather & Down Anti Allergy Pillow from Snuggledown offers a barrier from allergens whilst providing ultimate comfort and class. 

Is anti allergy the right bedding for me?

Unsure whether an anti allergy mattress protector is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to help you on your way to a better night's sleep.

If you suffer from allergies such as hay fever, or are particularly sensitive to pollen, then an anti allergy mattress protector is a wise investment. Not only do they help people with allergies, they are also beneficial for those who suffer from symptoms of asthma and have sensitive skin. What’s more, having a mattress protector keeps your sleeping environment clean and aids positive sleep hygiene. 

At Sleepseeker, we stock a range of anti allergy bedding including anti allergy pillows and anti allergy duvets. If you want to find out more about everything you need to know about anti allergy bedding, then take a look at our guide section, for handy resources and information that could help you sleep better - including exactly how anti allergy pillows and bedding work.

FAQs about anti allergy mattress protectors

Why should I invest in an anti allergy mattress protector? 

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or all year-round sleep disturbances, then an anti allergy mattress protector could be the answer to alleviate the severity of your symptoms. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep and feeling bunged up. Anti allergy bedding works as a barrier between the sleeper and the allergens - a simple and effective solution to getting a better night's sleep.

Do anti allergy mattress protectors work?

Yes - very much so! Using an anti allergy mattress protectors, pillows and pillow cases, or blankets can help limit your exposure to dust mites, pet dander, fungi and mould. 

What makes a mattress protector anti allergy?

Our bedding is created with anti-allergy filling to help decrease the buildup of dust mites, bacteria, and fungus. They have been tested and approved by top allergy experts at Allergy UK, making our products an excellent choice for allergy sufferers for all-year use.

Do allergy covers prevent bed bugs?

Anti allergy bedding will work to prevent the infestation of bed bugs, as bed bugs are formed from dust mites, which this bedding is protective against. However, it is important to keep in mind that a mattress protector won’t work against an active infestation. 

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