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Wool Duvets

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A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable bed, soft sheets and the right pillows and duvet. You want a duvet that keeps you snug and warm, feels great, provides value for money, and is long-lasting. Sleepseeker has a range of quality duvets from leading brands, including Slumberdown, Snuggledown and EarthKind.

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Choose a naturally breathable wool duvet from Sleepseeker to give you the best sleep every night. 

Available in a range of weights and sizes, these 100% British wool duvets are designed to keep your temperature regulated no matter the season. 

Pair your wool duvet with wool pillows or a wool mattress topper to create a cosy and comfortable bed all year round. 

Benefits of wool duvets

A wool-filled duvet offers plenty of benefits that make them a great choice all year round. 

  • Temperature regulating - Due to the natural material, wool bedding constantly adjusts to external conditions. 

  • Improved sleep quality - Because of the comfortable, springy and breathable material, wool duvets are proven to improve sleep quality. 

  • Hypoallergenic - Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material, meaning it is less likely to trigger allergies than other materials. 

  • Resistant to flattening - Wool fibres act like a spring, making them less likely to flatten and more likely to bounce back.

  • Enhanced insulation - Wool fibres are made up of many layers, which trap air and help circulate heat, keeping you warm throughout the night.

FAQs about wool duvets

Do wool duvets feel heavy?

A wool duvet has better thermal properties than synthetic materials or down and feather. So, they require less filling to achieve the same level of warmth. Wool duvets from Sleepseeker are available in lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight.

How often should you clean a wool duvet?

Wool duvets rarely need cleaning, thanks to their naturally hygienic qualities. Many wool duvets are only suitable for wipe clean only and are not machine washable. So, make sure to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid causing damage to your duvet.

Are wool duvets good for hot sleepers?

If you get warm during the night or have hot sweats, the natural properties of a woollen duvet can help to regulate your body temperature. Wool duvets absorb sweat during the night and then release it when the atmosphere is dry, helping you to keep dry and comfortable whilst sleeping. 

Find the perfect wool duvet with Sleepseeker

Our range of duvets at Sleepseeker are suitable for any season. Discover more quality duvets, including our luxury duvets and feather duvets or our vast selection of pillows that will help to bring a well-rested night's sleep. 

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