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Anti Allergy Duvets

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Our anti allergy duvets are the perfect option if you’re looking for a peaceful night of sleep. These duvets will keep you comfortable at night, helping you to sleep without worrying about allergens or dust mites.

Our specially designed anti allergy duvets are ideal for people who suffer from allergies. The duvets differ slightly from other options as they provide advanced allergy, asthma and dust mite protection as you sleep. 

Additionally, all of our anti allergy products come with Allergy UK's Seal of Approval for your complete peace of mind.

What are the benefits of an anti allergy duvet? 

You’ve probably heard of anti allergy duvets, but you might wonder if they are any different from all the other duvets. The most significant difference between an anti allergy duvet and a non anti allergy duvet is how it’s been treated. 

Anti allergy duvets and bedding can help to provide you with a more restful night's sleep, especially if you suffer from allergies. 

Each duvet is carefully treated to help fight several allergens as you sleep, including:

  • Dust mites
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Pet dander 
  • Mould 

As well as helping in the summer months, these duvets are great for use all year round. 

Choosing the right duvet for you

It’s important to pick the right duvet for your needs to ensure a great night’s sleep every night. 

At Sleepseeker, we offer anti allergy duvets in a variety of tog ratings, including 4.5 tog, 7.5 tog, 10.5 tog and 13.5 tog

Choose from different sizes such as our single, double, king and super king duvets to find the dream match for your bed.

FAQs about anti allergy duvets

Are anti allergy duvets worth it?

Yes, anti allergy duvets are definitely worth investing in. Whether you have asthma, hayfever, or experience other allergies, using an anti allergy duvet at night will help provide advanced protection. 

What is an anti allergy duvet?

An anti allergy duvet is a type of bedding which has been specially created to protect sleepers from allergens. These duvets will also be treated to protect against dust mites developing.

Most anti-allergy products will have had anti-dust mite and anti-fungal treatments as standard. Instead, some products will use a tightly woven fabric to help prevent dust mites.

Is there a difference between anti allergy and hypoallergenic duvets?

Yes, there is. An anti allergy duvet will have been treated to protect against allergens and the development of dust mites which could also impact allergies. 

However, a hypoallergenic duvet will not have the same treatment as an anti allergy duvet. Hypoallergenic duvets are less likely to trigger your allergies as you sleep rather than prevent allergens. 

What duvet filling is best for allergies?

Hollowfibre duvets are a great option if you’re looking for a duvet with anti allergy protection. This duvet filling is comfortable, usually washable, and excellent for anybody on a budget. 

Unfortunately, duck or goose down and feather fillings are not usually recommended for people with allergies. 

However, some duck down and feather duvets offer better protection against allergies. The Snuggledown Clean & Healthy Duck Feather & Down Duvet range and the Snuggledown Clean & Healthy Duck Down Duvet range are great options to consider. 

These duvets have undergone a plant-based Biome Natural treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus and mould, helping you to sleep better. 

Is a wool duvet anti allergy?

If you enjoy the comfort of a down or feather duvet but have allergies, then a wool duvet may be a good alternative. Wool will often naturally prevent dust mites from building up as they do not like to live within the fibres. 

Wool is also an anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic alternative to other popular anti allergy fillings like hollowfibre. 

Choose the ideal anti allergy duvet for you

Browse our entire collection of anti allergy bedding or wellbeing bedding to find the right duvets and pillows for your bed. 

We offer a wide range of bedding, including anti allergy pillows and anti allergy pillow protectors, meaning it's easy for you to find exactly what you need. 

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