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Feather Duvets

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Feather duvets can add a natural touch of luxury to your bedroom. With a natural drape and beautifully light, a feather duvet wraps gently around you to whisk you off into a deep and blissful night's sleep. Feather and down duvets are also great for the whole family as they are specially designed to be easy to care for in the home, negating harmful bacteria and dust mites to keep you and your family safe.

Which is best: feather or down duvets?

If you’re looking for a heavier duvet, you’re better off purchasing a feather duvet of either duck feathers or goose feathers. This is because, due to the type of feathers used, a feather duvet will provide you with more weight, acting like a weighted blanket for those who prefer to snuggle in at bedtime.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more breathable duvet, a down duvet, again either of duck down or goose down, is the better option for you. Down duvets are much more lightweight, breathable and insulating, making them the perfect choice for bedding to be used all year round.

Is a feather duvet warm?

Yes, a feather duvet can keep you warm and cosy all year round. There are various duvets available at different ends of the tog scale, including 4.5 tog, 10.5 tog, 13.5 tog and all seasons duvets.

Sleepseeker’s branded duvet collections.

Our extensive range of duvets are suitable for any season. Whether you’re relaxing in bed or taking your duvet out for comfort at a garden party at Sleepseeker, we are sure we will have the best duvet for you. Made from good quality material and at an affordable price, our collection of Slumberdown duvets, Snuggledown duvets, and pillows are waiting for you to discover your perfect bedding set.

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