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All Seasons Duvets

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A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable bed, soft sheets and the right pillows and duvet. You want a duvet that keeps you snug and warm, feels great, provides value for money, and is long-lasting. Sleepseeker has a range of quality duvets from leading brands, including Slumberdown, Snuggledown and EarthKind.

All season duvets / four seasons duvets - best for all year round

Don't want to pay out extra for multiple duvets for the different seasons of the year? Have no fear! With an all seasons duvet, all you'll have to do is purchase one duvet that is cleverly designed to increase and decrease tog amount to suit the temperature around you. Combining two duvets together provides you with extra warmth in the winter and will allow you to have a spare duvet for extra house guests during the summer months when you don't want a higher tog.

What is an all seasons duvet?

An all-season duvet consists of two separate duvets that clip together to make one super thick duvet for the winter season or a more lightweight duvet for warmer nights in the summer. Being able to switch between the two duvets or combine them into one will allow you to have a better night's sleep as the duvet is working for your needs.

How does an all seasons duvet work?

In our case, an all seasons duvet works by combining one extra cool 4.5 tog duvet and one cosy 10.5 tog duvet, so when they are clipped together, they make an extra warm and snuggly 15 tog duvet. The flexibility to change the different togs of your duvet come spring, summer, autumn, or winter is invaluable to those who find the heat a difficult thing to manage during sleep.

Choosing the right size all seasons duvet

You should choose an all seasons duvet that fits the size of your bed exactly, so a double bed should have a double duvet, a king size bed should have a king size duvet and so on.

However, for couples, getting a more oversized duvet is preferable to ensure there is enough room to fit under it for both individuals comfortably. In this case, for example, king size bedding should be used on a double bed.

Our range of all season Slumberdown duvets and Snuggledown duvets come with various fillings, including goose feather, duck feather and down and Hungarian goose down varieties.

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