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Slumberdown Pillow Protectors

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Pillow protectors are the perfect way to keep your pillow in tip-top condition. They provide protection from spills, moisture, and allergens, including dust mites and bacteria. At SleepSeeker, we sell top-quality pillow protectors from the best names in the industry, including Slumberdown. This popular British brand offers a number of pillow protectors at a great price point, including anti-allergy products, Teflon designs, and relaxing lavender and vanilla-scented covers.

Choosing the right type of pillow protector

Before you purchase a pillow protector, it's important to understand your options. There can be differences between the materials used, along with the quality, sizing, and scent. At SleepSeeker, we stock single pack pillow protectors and double pack pillow protectors to help you save.

•Hollowfibre designs are popular for bedding products, especially pillow protectors. This synthetic material has intrinsic anti-allergy properties, and it's also light and airy.

•Teflon covers are popular for people who want extra protection from spills and stains. While these products are also made from hollowfibre, they are treated with Teflon technology.

•Scented protectors add a calming and relaxing element to any sleeping experience. Lavender, vanilla, and other essential oils can be applied to the hollowfibre material.

Sleepseeker’s other branded pillow protectors

At SleepSeeker, we sell pillow protectors from Snuggledown and Slumberdown. Snuggledown is a British bedding company with a rich Norwegian heritage and more than 100 years in the bedding industry. Whether you choose a Slumberdown or Snuggledown product, you can be assured of quality materials and professional construction standards.

If you want to buy Slumberdown pillow protectors, please make an order today or contact SleepSeeker.

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