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Hotel Quality Pillows

If you’re craving that luxury hotel feel and think it’s time to upgrade your pillows, you’ve come to the right place. A hotel pillow provides a luxurious and incredibly comfortable night's sleep, but to bring that same luxury back into your own home often comes with a big price tag. 

However, Sleepseeker offers a wide range of luxury, hotel quality pillows that will give you the best chances of a great night’s sleep without the expensive price tag. Wave goodbye to restless nights with our pillows made of the finest quality materials at an affordable price.

FAQs about hotel quality pillows

What kind of pillows do most hotels use?

The primary reason hotel style pillows are so comfortable is because much time and consideration is put into which pillows are used. Hotels want to offer guests a premium sleeping experience, so they usually opt for the best quality materials.

What pillows hotels use specifically depends on the hotel chain or owner. However, hotels do usually provide guests with two pillows, as it can be challenging to know which type of pillow guests will prefer. Hotels typically opt for a soft pillow on the top, and a firm pillow underneath, allowing guests to choose a pillow to suit their taste and sleeping position. 

What type of pillows do 5-star hotels use?

When staying at a 5-star hotel, there’s no doubt that the pillows will be luxuriously soft. The best hotel will often choose pillows that feature soft goose-down to provide the utmost comfort for their guests. 

To bring 5-star luxury hotel pillows into your own home, opt for the Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Pillow, offering the perfect amount of gentle sink-in support for your head and neck, and all come with premium jacquard covers made of 100% cotton. What's more, these Sleepseeker pillows are also machine washable.

What is the highest quality pillow?

As guests pay for a premium sleeping experience, they expect to stay in a hotel room with high-quality bedding and pillows. 

The pillow's quality usually comes down to both the pillow protectors or covers and the filling. A high-quality pillow will usually feature 100% genuine duck or goose down, feather or a combination of the two. Some hotels will opt for a synthetic down alternative to cater for allergy sufferers. 

And for the cover, a 100% breathable soft cotton cover is often the most popular choice. Cotton is a soft, breathable material that maintains its temperature well, making it a great choice all year round. 

What is the filling in hotel pillows?

The best hotel pillows often include one of the following fillings:

  • Down - This filling is generally seen as the most luxurious filling choice for pillows. The most popular choice is goose down pillows, although duck down pillows are often seen as a cheaper alternative. Pillows filled with down are well suited to the winter months, as they trap heat within them. However, allergy sufferers should steer clear of down-filled pillows and choose a synthetic option.
  • Synthetic down - This is an excellent choice for those with allergies whilst still providing that hotel-quality feel that we’re all looking for. Synthetic down is also a more affordable option if you’re looking for that hotel feel on a budget. A great choice would be the Slumberdown Feels Like Down Pillow, with a snuggly, non-allergenic hollowfibre filling that is also machine washable. 
  • Feather - A feather filled pillow is an excellent choice if you’re hoping to bring hotel quality bedding into your home. Feather pillows are luxuriously soft and plump, which will have you sleeping in comfort all night long. Choose from Sleepseeker’s range of goose feather or duck feather pillows for that sumptuously soft premium hotel feel. Duck and goose feather pillows will provide you with a great nights sleep in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Memory foam - Memory foam pillows aren’t often used as a hotel pillow as they are designed to contour around the head for long-term use. However, memory foam adapts to your sleeping style and is a great choice, particularly for side sleepers. Sleepseeker offers a selection of memory foam pillows that are a great option when choosing a hotel-quality pillow. 
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