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Anti Allergy Bedding

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Having allergies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep every time with your favourite pillows and duvets. With our specially designed anti allergy bedding range, you can relax and unwind with ease.

There’s no need to worry about your allergies or asthma. Our anti allergy duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors protect you from allergens like pollen, fungi, bacteria and dust mites. 

All of our anti allergy bedding products come with Allergy UK's seal of approval for your complete peace of mind.

Types of anti allergy bedding

There are various types of anti allergy bedding to choose from in our collection.

Anti allergy duvets 

Our anti allergy duvets come in different sizes, including single, double, king and super king, making them perfect for any bed size. You can choose from several tog ratings ranging from 4.5 to 13.5 tog duvets.

Anti allergy mattress protectors 

Anti allergy mattress protectors are made specifically with an anti allergy filling to help you sleep more comfortably at night. Perfect for use all year, our mattress protectors feature a fitted skirt and are made from 100% cotton.

Choose from a range of anti allergy mattress protector sizes, including single, double and king, to find the best fit for your bed.

Anti allergy pillows 

Sleepseeker’s range of anti allergy pillows support your sleeping and provide the perfect support for your sleeping position. 

Discover our soft, medium and firm anti allergy pillows ideal for side sleepers, front sleepers and back sleepers. 

Anti allergy pillow protectors

Keep your pillows fresh and clean with our range of anti allergy pillow protectors. They are easy to use, simple to clean and help to prevent allergens and dust mites. 

The comfortable hollowfibre filling is soft to sleep on and the pillow protector covers are 100% cotton. 

FAQs about anti allergy bedding

What bedding is best for allergy sufferers?

If you have asthma or any allergies, the best bedding for you will be hypoallergenic or anti allergy bedding. These types of duvets and pillows are designed to specifically prevent allergens and dust mites from affecting your bedding.

Those with allergies will also need to consider which type of filling to choose for their pillows and duvets. Fillings like hollowfibre and wool are an excellent option.

Generally speaking, down and feather bedding isn’t always suitable for allergy sufferers. If you want to use down or feather bedding, make sure you choose a hypoallergenic option. 

Does anti allergy bedding work?

When treated properly, anti allergy bedding does work to improve sleep amongst allergy sufferers. Anti allergy pillows or duvets will be specially treated to prevent fungi, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and other allergens. This helps to reduce the risk of allergies affecting you as you sleep. 

Are anti allergy duvets better than other duvets?

Anti allergy duvets are better if you want to reduce your exposure to allergens as you sleep. You need to find the right duvet for you to ensure a peaceful night of sleep. 

Typically anti allergy options are easy to wash, made from specially treated and tested anti-allergenic materials, and comfortable. 

What else can you do to help allergies? 

There are also lots of other things you can do to help prevent allergies from interrupting your sleep:

  • Washing bedding regularly - Cleaning your bed linen and bedding often helps to eliminate odours, reduce staining and remove allergens. 
  • Vacuuming floors - Vacuuming your flooring, especially carpets, helps to remove allergens like dust, pet dander and pollen from your sleeping environment. 
  • Steam clean soft furnishings - Soft furnishings like carpets and curtains aren’t always as easy to clean. Steam cleaning these or using a carpet cleaner will lift away any allergens. 
  • Allow your bed to air - Giving your mattress and bedding time to air every morning keeps your bed fresh and allows any allergens to escape.
  • Keep clothes away - Make sure any clothing is away in a wardrobe or cupboard. 
  • Washing soft toys and cushions - If you keep any soft toys or extra cushions on your bed, wash these regularly alongside your bedding. 

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