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Anti Allergy Pillows

When you snuggle down into your bed at night, you need a comfortable pillow that supports your health needs. At Sleepseeker, we stock a number of anti allergy pillows for people who suffer from allergies. From dust mites and fungi to moisture and bacteria, these hygienic pillows will have you feeling dry, comfortable, and fresh throughout the night.

What does anti allergy mean?

If you suffer from any kind of allergies, then you understand the importance of fresh pillows, duvets, and bedding products. Even the smallest pathogens and particles can affect your health and sleep quality, so it's important to stay protected at all times.

Our anti allergy pillows provide advanced asthma, allergy, and dust mite protection. All products come with Allergy UK's Seal of Approval.

Available anti allergy pillows

Anti allergy pillows are made from synthetic hollowfibre, microfibre, or cluster fibre. These filling materials provide ultimate durability and protection.

Made from hollow strands of polyester, these pillows provide a light and lofty sleeping sensation. They are easy to clean and resistant to moisture, so you can stay warm and dry throughout the night.

We have a wide range of anti allergy pillows to choose from, including soft, medium, and firm designs.

Our branded range of anti allergy pillows

Whether you sleep with one pillow or a pillow combo, we are here to help. At Sleepseeker we stock anti allergy hollowfibre pillows from two leading global brands:

  • Slumberdown anti allergy pillows inhibit dust mites, bacteria, and fungi to help you get the perfect night's sleep. These pillows come with Allergy UK's Seal of Approval. They come in various firmness levels, and multi-packs are available.
  • Snuggledown anti allergy pillows are made from clusterfibre, which is a luxury fibre made up of tiny ball clusters. Clusterfibre is a microfibre variation with an extra-high filling power. These pillows have a 230 thread count and 100% natural cotton cover.

For the very best in anti allergy protection, Sleepseeker has you covered. If you need a new anti allergy pillow, please make an order today or contact our friendly team to learn more.

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