Whether you realise it or not, your pillow arrangement says a lot about your personality. For instance, perfectly arranged cushions indicate strong morals and practicality, while mixing up the direction shows creativity.

Although, not everyone enjoys arranging pillows. With the right guidance and tips, arranging pillows is easy to do and improves the aesthetic of your bedroom. 

Our guide to how to arrange pillows on a bed has everything you need to help you style your bed to perfection with a blend of decorative and functional pillow arrangements.

Bed decoration basics: Coordinating pillows with the rest of the bedroom

While there aren't specific rules for putting your pillows on the bed, some arrangements certainly look and work better than others. When picking out the best pillow arrangement, ensure that it complements the rest of the bedroom to make your home guest ready. Some critical aspects to consider are:

The headboard

The ideal number of pillows depends on the height of your headboard. For a hearty arrangement, ensure the headboard is high enough to accommodate your pillows. Add as many pillows as you want to achieve a stand-out effect.

If you don't have a headboard, a minimalist and straightforward arrangement is often a better choice. Beds with no headboards and those with open-frame metallic headboards look great with a few pillows to bring out the decorative aspect of the frame.

On the other hand, beds with headboards that are solid or evenly shaped offer flexibility when decorating with pillows.

The mattress

The size of the mattress plays a critical role in pillow arrangement. Avoid overcrowding the bed with too many pillows. As much as you want to add more, ensure you leave ample, untouched space to create a classy and elegant look.

Room decor and scheme colour

Take note of the texture, shape, and colour scheme of the room decor to create a complete look. If you have a set colour palette in your bedroom or a feature wall, try to match your pillow covers to this. Make sure you consider decor as well if you're planning a makeover. 

Depending on the available resources, enhance your existing decor to match the pillows and duvet or get a new bedding set to create your desired look. Some people might find the perfect pillow cover and then form their room decor from this instead. 


Furthermore, pay close attention to your lifestyle to determine the look you wish to achieve. For instance, consider the average time you spend making the bed every day. If you don't want to spend too long arranging your pillows in the morning, go for a more straightforward layout.

Other things to consider are how much space you want on the bed, whether you have a partner, and how many pillows you're comfortable with. 

How many pillows do you put on a bed?

There are two kinds of people in the world. Some love many pillows on their bed, and others could do without them. Most individuals don't realise that pillows are not only meant for support but are also decorative. With proper arrangement, they are the easiest way to elevate your room from basic to chic. 

But how do you determine the ideal number of pillows to have on your bed? Before diving into the number of pillows you need for different bed sizes, you should first understand the different types of pillows sizes.

  • Standard pillow (20" x 26") = These are the commonly used pillow type in homes. The number of standard pillows you need depends on whether you have a single, queen, double, king, or super king bed. Read our what size is a standard pillow to find out more.
  • King pillows (20" x 36") = Just like king beds, king pillows are extra-long and you may need two pillows placed side by side for a king bed.
  • Queen pillows (20" x 28" or 20" x 30") = A queen pillow can fit in a standard pillowcase but are slightly larger. You might be able to arrange two pillows next to each other on a queen bed.
  • Accent pillows = These pillows are much smaller than the rest and their sizes and shapes vary.
  • Euro pillows = Also known as European pillows, Euro pillows are square and one euro pillow fits a double bed. These are available in many different sizes. 

The ideal number of pillows for your bed also depends on the size of your bed and headboard. Think about the overall space you have and whether your headboard and mattress can accommodate the pillows you have. Remember to properly fluff your pillows as you're arranging them to add more life to them. 

King bed pillow arrangements

King-sized beds are easier to style because they are spacious, allowing you to play around with the arrangement of your pillows. You can also mix colours and patterns without it looking overcrowded. You also have a ton of layouts to choose from, including:

  • 1 jewel pillow, 2 king pillows, 1 bolster and 3 euro pillows: Place the 3 euro pillows on the headboard. Place the 2 king pillows horizontally in front of the euro pillows, then the one jewel pillow, then the bolster. This arrangement brings out a feel of luxury and class. Avoid going overboard with colours. Maintain simplicity with plain colours. Stick with two colours at most, depending on the theme of your room.
  • 4 accent pillows, 3 euro pillows and 2 king pillows: Lay the 3 euro pillows leaning on the headboard, followed by the two king pillows. When it comes to the accent pillows, you may choose to scatter them on one side or two pillows on each side. The most appealing arrangement is three accent pillows in front of the king pillows and the smallest accent pillow at the very front. The colour of the king pillow covers should match the bedding. The rest of the pillows should complement the king pillows and the rest of the room decor.
  • 1 accent pillow and 2 king pillows: This is the perfect arrangement for minimalists. It is also easy to pull off. Simply place the king pillows against the headboard, followed by the accent pillow. If you don't have an accent pillow, a bolster works just fine. This is also excellent if you have a low headboard.
  • 2 accent pillows, 2 king pillows and 3 euro pillows: Place the 2 king pillows against the headboard as the backdrop, followed by the euro pillows. Place the accent pillows at the very front. Bolsters will also look great in place of the accent pillows. The colour of the bolsters and king pillow covers should at least be similar to the bed cover.

Queen bed arrangement

Queen beds are another popular choice of bed frame for homes and are ideal for smaller rooms that might not be big enough for a standard king size. These beds offer ample space for pillow arrangement so you can play around with sizes and colours. You may want to try out these arrangements:

  • 2 euro pillows, 2 standard pillows and 4 accent pillows: The eight pillows queen bed arrangement should be your go-to option if you are into a sophisticated look. Place two standard pillows against the headboard. Then place two euro pillows in front, preferably at the centre. Scatter the accent pillows at the front; it could be at the centre or the sides. Play with colours and textures to match your bedroom theme.
  • 2 accent pillows, 2 bolsters and 4 standard pillows: This pillow arrangement is easy to achieve yet very classy. Start by placing two standard pillows against the headboard and the remaining two in front. In front of the standard pillows should be the accent pillows, then the bolsters to finish. The arrangement takes less than a minute but can significantly elevate the appearance of your space.
  • 4 queen pillows, 2 euro pillows and 1 accent pillow: The two euro pillows come first. Place them against the headboard on their edges. Create a desirable design by leaving spaces between the pillows and the sides of the headboard. After the euros, get the four queen pillows and place them in two rows each. Place the accent pillow at the far front. Play with the colours and patterns of the pillowcases to achieve your desired look.
  • 2 queen pillows, 2 accent pillows and 2 euro pillows: Sometimes, less is more. The two-two-two pillow arrangement is easy to pull together yet classy and elegant. Place the two euro pillows leaning on the headboard. Leave a gap between them, then place the queen pillows right in front. Add the accent pillows at the forefront. It is recommended to have accent pillows of different sizes or an accent pillow and a bolster. Put one in front of the other.

Twin bed pillow arrangement

Although not the biggest of beds, twins can still have a classy and fun pillow arrangement. The beds do not require many pillows and the best part is that the arrangement is easy and saves time. Some arrangement options to consider include:

  • 1 euro pillow, 1 bolster and 1 standard pillow: Place the euro pillow at the centre of the bed, resting against the headboard. The standard pillow should be placed horizontally at the front of the euro pillow, then place the bolster at the front. Ensure the colours of the three pillows complement each other. It will be best to go for a plain coloured standard pillowcase and patterned bolster for a pop of colours.
  • 4 accent pillows and 1 bolster: This is a unique yet practical pillow arrangement. Go against the norm by starting with the bolster, followed by the accent pillows. Place the bolster horizontally against the headboard, then the accent pillows in front, preferably off-centre. It's a good idea to look for different sized accent pillows. Place each pillow in front of the other, starting from the biggest to the smallest.
  • 3 accent pillows and 1 euro pillow: Place the euro pillow first against the headboard, and two accept pillows in front. The third accent pillow should be different in size or shape. The round-shaped accent pillow will work perfectly. Place it in front - it could be at the centre or on one side. If you don't have a round accent pillow, a bolster will do instead. 

Single bed pillow arrangements

Single beds are quite small, so you'll need fewer pillows. Overcrowding the space with many pillows will only do more harm than good.

However, the number of pillows on a single bed depends on the size of the headboard. For example, if you have a tall headboard, laying the pillows horizontally may be inappropriate. Instead, stack the pillows vertically. In this case, you have the choice to use more pillows as the arrangement saves on space.

Some pillow arrangement options for single beds include;

  • 2 euro pillows, 1 accent pillow and 1 king pillow: This is a minimalist arrangement that can significantly improve your space. Simply place the two euro pillows first next to the headboard, preferably at the centre. Place the king pillow horizontally right after accent pillows, followed by the accent pillow to create a whimsical touch.
  • 1 Bolster, 3 Euro pillows and 5 accent pillows: If you love sophisticated designs, this is a suitable arrangement—place two of the euro pillows right against the headboard vertically and the third one in front. Scatter the five accent pillows depending on your preference, then finally add the bolster. Again, remember to play around with the colours and texture of the pillows.
  • 2 accent pillows and 2 standard pillows: Again, if you are a minimalist, four pillows are more than enough for a single bed. Place the standard pillows against the headboard and then the accent pillows at the central front. This easy arrangement is perfect for busy people. 

Arrange your pillows perfectly 

Pillows are the optimal choice for a sound nights sleep and proper pillow arrangement boosts the appeal and elegance of your space. 

The above guide on how to arrange pillows on a bed is a good start point to transform your bedroom. But sometimes it can help to buy new luxury pillows to improve your arrangement. At Sleepseeker, we have a range of soft, medium and firm pillows to choose from, as well as a range of other bedding, including duvets

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