Unusually hot weather can wreak havoc with our ability to get a good night’s rest, which can impact our ability to function the following day.

In a perfect world, a bedroom should be between 18C and 24C to enable restful sleep, so it’s not surprising that many people struggle during periods of significantly warmer weather, especially in countries like the UK where we’re not used to it.

Luckily, learning how to keep cool at night is easy with our expert guide offering tips and insights. 

What's more, Sleepseeker's range of bedding, from duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers, allows you to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Why is getting the right amount of sleep so important?

A lack of sleep can affect both our mental and physical health. This is because core body temperature follows a 24-hour cycle linked with the sleep-wake rhythm. Body temperature decreases when asleep and rises during waking hours, meaning sleep is most likely to occur when core temperature decreases. Environmental heat can disturb this balance and make it difficult to sleep.

Some of the unwanted side effects of interrupted sleep include:

  • Higher irritability
  • Slowed reaction times
  • Impaired judgement
  • Drowsiness
  • High blood pressure

Optimising our sleeping environment is just one of the ways we can stay cool while sleeping and get a good night's sleep. You can read more about why sleep is important for good health and well-being in our dedicated guide.

Eight ways to stay cool while sleeping

So, what can we do to give us a better chance of getting a restful sleep when on hot summer nights?

In this section, we'll explore eight effective ways to stay cool while sleeping, ranging from optimizing your bedding choices to creating a comfortable sleep environment. By incorporating these techniques into your bedtime routine, you can maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day ahead.

  1. Choose the right mattress and pillows

Select a mattress with good airflow and temperature regulation features to prevent overheating. Opt for pillows filled with cooling materials like gel or shredded memory foam to keep your head and neck cool while you sleep. (link to products)

  1. Create airflow

Improving airflow in your bedroom is key to maintaining a cool sleep environment. If you live in a quiet place, open windows to allow fresh air to flow into the room. Or use a fan to help with airflow if opening a window is not an option. Installing blackout curtains can block out sunlight during the day, preventing heat buildup and keeping rooms cooler at night.

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Keeping hydrated can help your body maintain a normal temperature. Keep a cold water bottle or glass of ice water by your bedside to sip on throughout the night. You can also use a spray bottle filled with cold water to mist yourself for instant relief from night sweats.

Avoid exercise close to bedtime means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to cool down, so ensure you finish at least 90 minutes before bedtime.

  1. Invest in cooling accessories

Invest in cooling pillows or mattress covers designed to regulate body temperature and promote better sleep. Ice packs or cold compresses placed on pulse points like wrists or neck can quickly lower core body temperature.

  1. Adjust your sleeping environment

Taking a cool or lukewarm shower before bed can lower your body temperature and promote relaxation. Alternatively, you could take a warm shower or bath before going into a cool bedroom environment, which will accelerate the cooling of your internal body temperature and help with sleep. Another way to ward off excess heat is to keep curtains and blinds shut during the day – this will naturally keep the room cooler as sunlight is unable to get through and warm it up.

Other methods include using meditation techniques or deep breathing exercises that can help calm the mind and prevent overheating (and overthinking). Experiment with different sleeping positions to find the most comfortable and cooling option for you.

  1. Keep your room cool with technology

If you have one, set your air conditioner to a comfortable temperature to maintain a cool room environment throughout the night. If not, you can opt for a plug-in fan. Consider using blue light-blocking glasses or screen filters to reduce exposure to artificial light, which can disrupt sleep patterns and raise body temperature. So no screens before bed!

  1. Adjust your sleeping position

The position you sleep in can significantly impact your body's ability to regulate temperature and stay cool throughout the night. You'll probably already know what position you prefer to sleep in, but by adding supported pillows, you can try different sleeping positions to find the one that keeps you the coolest and most comfortable.

  1. Upgrade your bedding and bedclothes

Choosing the right bedding materials can make a significant difference in regulating body temperature while you sleep. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, which allow for better airflow and moisture absorption. Synthetic materials tend to trap heat and can cause discomfort, so consider switching to natural fibres.

Consider buying a 4.5 tog summer duvet, which will be lightweight and breathable enough that you feel covered but not too hot.

How to keep cool at night with summer bedding

Whether you're dealing with hot weather, night sweats, or simply prefer a cooler sleep environment year-round, these tips will help you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Lighter and more breathable summer bedding can play an important role in your quality of sleep as the mercury rises.

Below, we give you the lowdown on some of our top summer bedding picks to help you decide what’s going to be best for you to keep your cool during warm spells:

Slumberdown Allergy Comfort

Not just for hay fever and asthma sufferers, the Slumberdown Allergy Comfort range is filled with a special anti-allergy hollowfibre filling that helps to reduce the build-up of fungus, dust mites and bacteria. The specially treated filling has Allergy UK’s seal of approval, too, and the entire range is washing machine-friendly, so you can keep it fresh and clean. Choose the 4.5 tog duvet option for a lightweight duvet that’s cool and comfortable during summer months, or there’s also a 10.5 tog and 13.5 tog version if you prefer something a little heavier.

Read our guide to find out how anti allergy pillows work.

Slumberdown Climate Balance

The duvets and pillows in the Climate Balance range from Slumberdown contain an innovative Dacron® hollowfibre filling that’s been formulated and scientifically proven to carry excess heat and moisture away from your body, ensuring that you have a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Dacron is not an absorbent material, which makes it resistant to sweat so the moisture you produce as you sleep is not retained by the Dacron filling in the bedding, and, instead, evaporates into the surrounding air.

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Down or feather is not an obvious choice for keeping cool, as this soft and fluffy filling tends to be warm and cosy. 

However, the Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down range contains a light and airy mix of 80% down and 20% feather, which, as a 4.5 tog duvet, means there is lots of room for air to circulate around the filling. What’s more, the covers on this range are made from a premium 300 thread count cotton that’s naturally breathable and cool. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious way to stay cool this summer, look no further.

Snuggledown Ultimate Luxury Duvet

As with the Hungarian Goose Down range, the Snuggledown Ultimate Luxury duvets and pillows also feature a 100% luxury cotton cover, utilising the naturally breathable property of cotton to deliver a cooling sleep experience. Again, the duvet comes in a variety of togs, so choose the 4.5 tog if you’re looking for a cooler duvet that’s suitable for hotter months.

Slumberdown Airstream Mattress Topper

Wonderfully comfortable and cooler than memory foam, the Slumberdown Airstream Breathable Mattress Topper uses advanced Airstream technology to keep you cool, dry and fresh through the night. The breathable fibres and a ventilated middle section allow air to flow freely around the topper to remove any heat build-up whilst you sleep. Mattress toppers are perfect for adding comfort to your existing mattress, which can be handy if you find yourself waking up with aches and pains.

Slumberdown Luxury Cool Touch Quilted Pillow

The HYDROCOOL® moisture management technology featured in this pillow works by absorbing moisture created by body heat, quickly transporting it to the fabric face. The fabric face constantly evaporates the moisture to create a cooling effect, helping you to get a comfortable night’s sleep in warmer weather. For luxury you can see as well as feel, this Slumberdown Luxury Cool Touch Quilted Pillow features a beautifully finished quilted cover and premium piped edging.

Slumberdown Memory Cool Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow that’s a little firmer but still with cooling properties, check out the Memory Cool Pillow from Slumberdown. It has a memory foam wrap which surrounds a firm and supportive hollowfibre filling to provide support to the head, neck and spine. The cooling aspect comes from the pillow’s soft knit Coolmax® cover – another clever material that works to gently draw moisture away from your head to leave you feeling cool and fresh.

Regulate your body temperature with products from Sleepseeker

At Sleepseeker, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable temperature for a good night's sleep. That's why we offer a range of bedding products designed to help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Our luxury pillows are crafted from breathable materials such as memory foam or down alternative, providing support while allowing air to circulate and keeping your head and neck cool. Pair them with luxury duvets, which come in a variety of weights and materials to suit your preferences and ensure you stay at the perfect temperature all night long.

For added comfort and temperature regulation, consider investing in one of our mattress toppers. Whether you prefer the plush comfort of a memory foam topper or the cooling properties of a gel-infused option, Sleepseeker has you covered.

FAQs about how to keep cool at night

How can I keep my core body temperature cool at night?

Maintaining a cool core body temperature is crucial for a more restful sleep in summertime. Choose breathable bedding like cotton or linen to promote airflow. Consider using cooling pillows or mattress toppers designed to regulate temperature for hot sleepers. Keep your bedroom cool by opening windows or using fans, and stay hydrated throughout the day. Try out different sleeping positions, favouring ones that allow for better air circulation, like sleeping on your back.

What is a duvet tog?

Togs are a measurement of warmth and, specifically, the effectiveness of the material’s ability to trap warm air within its fibres. High togs trap more air, making them warmer to burrow into when it's cold. In the summer, you should look out for a low tog duvet which encourages airflow and keeps you cool.

Does a higher tog mean the duvet is thicker?

Not necessarily, as thickness tends to be down to what materials are used. You can have a lofty, cloud-like duvet with a low tog rating, making it cosy but still allowing air to flow – which is what you need when you’re finding yourself unable to sleep in the heat.

What tog rating should I look for in a summer duvet?

Consider buying a 4.5 tog summer duvet, which will be lightweight and breathable enough that you feel covered but not too hot. However, individual preferences and local weather conditions may vary, so it's essential to choose a tog rating that feels comfortable for you during the summer months.