As the temperatures drop and chilly nights approach, there's nothing quite like the feeling of snuggling up in a warm, comfortable bed.

With the rise in energy costs, we're all a bit reluctant to turn on the central heating, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a truly toasty sleep every night. We have all the tips and tricks you need to make your bed warmer and block out the cold air.

From selecting the perfect bedding to mastering the art of layering, we'll help you create a sleep sanctuary you can't wait to sink into at the end of the day.

Top tips for staying warm in bed

If you want to stay warm during those frosty nights, particularly if you're a cold sleeper, making your bed warm and cosy is the key to a snug and restful sleep.

From choosing the right winter bedding to cosy bedtime rituals, we've got you covered with these 7 tips. Say hello to a good night's sleep every night.

  1. Warm bedding

Choosing the right winter bedding is arguably the most important thing you can do to keep warm in bed. Opting for a winter duvet made of materials like wool, goose down, or synthetics designed for warmth can make a world of difference. 

Duvets also come with different tog ratings. Picking one with a higher tog rating, such as a 10.5 or 13.5 tog, ensures it's designed to trap your body heat effectively, creating a cosy cocoon. Whether you prefer a natural down or a synthetic fill, the tog rating helps you match the duvet's warmth level with your personal comfort needs.

Additionally, duvets with a box pattern or quilted construction help prevent the fill from shifting, ensuring consistent warmth throughout the night. The result is a toasty and luxurious sleep experience that keeps you comfortably warm when the temperatures drop, making those winter nights more inviting and restful.

  1. Hot water bottle

Take a personal, portable heater to bed by getting yourself a hot water bottle. This is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to get warm in bed.

Simply fill the bottle with hot (not boiling) water, slide it between your sheets a little while before bedtime, and voilà! You've got a toasty spot waiting for you.

Plus, the gentle warmth promotes relaxation, making it easier to drift off to sleep. Whether you snuggle with it or place it at your feet, the hot water bottle is a simple yet effective way to stay warm on colder nights.

  1. Electric blankets

If you're a notoriously cold sleeper, an electric blanket could be just what you need. Simply spread it out on your bed, plug it in, and dial in your preferred warmth level. Its wires then distribute gentle, even heat, creating a snug haven.

You can preheat your bed before slipping under the covers, and some even come with timers and dual-zone controls for couples who prefer different warmth levels. It makes for the ultimate toasty, comfortable bed that's hard to resist.

  1. Heated mattress topper

Using a heated mattress topper or a heated mattress pad is a great way to get your bed to radiate even warmth. They have several heat settings, so you can find your ideal temperature to drift into REM sleep with ease.

Just place your topper on top of your mattress (under your fitted sheet) and set the temperature to help ensure a great night’s sleep when the temperature drops outside. They can also provide comfort when recovering from an illness or injury.

You don't have to turn it on to feel the benefits. The breathable extra layer works to regulate your temperature and wick away moisture while providing a supportive extra layer for added comfort.

  1. Layered bedding

If layering your bed with a single blanket isn't doing the trick, invest in multiple layers. Start with a warm, insulating base layer, like flannel sheets or a cosy blanket. Then, add a snug, fluffy duvet to trap warm air, and don't forget about a few extra throws or quilts within arm's reach.

The best part is the level of warmth is completely flexible. As the night gets colder, you can simply add or remove a layer to regulate your temperature. It's like creating a customised warmth level for your bed. Plus, the combination of different textures and materials enhances both comfort and style.

  1. Bed socks

There's nothing worse than cold feet when you're trying to get warm in bed. Why are they always so much colder than the rest of your body? We don't have an answer to that, but we do know how you can have warm feet all night long.

Slip into a snug and soft pair of bed socks! By keeping your feet comfortably toasty, bed socks help regulate your overall body temperature, making it easier to drift into dreamland. It's a small addition to your sleep routine that can make a world of difference in ensuring you wake up refreshed and warm on winter mornings. Sweet dreams and toasty toes await!

  1. Warm drinks

A hot beverage, whether it's a soothing herbal tea, a cup of warm milk, or a comforting mug of hot chocolate, warms you up both physically and mentally.

The heat from the drink increases your body temperature, while the act of sipping on something warm creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. It'll keep you snug and also ease your way into a restful night's sleep. So, when the winter frost starts nipping, cosy up with a warm drink, and you'll be well on your way to dreamland in no time.

How much can high-quality bedding help during winter?

High-quality bedding can be a game-changer in cold weather and has a range of benefits that keep you warm and comfortable. The insulation provided by premium materials like flannel or fleece sheets, down duvets, and thermal blankets trap your body heat, helping you stay comfortably warm on even the coldest nights.

It's not just about practicality. The softness and comfort of high-quality bedding make it easier for you to relax and drift into a restful slumber. Quality bedding is durable and built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring it will last for years.

Plus, certain materials, such as natural down, excel at temperature regulation, keeping you warm without causing overheating. Investing in luxurious bedding can transform the quality of your sleep on those cold nights in winter.

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FAQs about keeping warm in bed

How do you keep an elderly person warm in bed?

To keep an older person warm in bed, use warm bedding such as flannel or fleece sheets and provide a quality blanket for insulation. Dress them in moisture-wicking pyjamas with long sleeves and legs, and consider adding cosy, non-slip bed socks to prevent cold feet.

Maintain a comfortable room temperature, around 18-20°C, and offer warm, caffeine-free beverages before bedtime. Keep an eye on their comfort level, and use heating pads (with safety precautions) to warm the bed before they get in.

Additionally, ensure the bedroom is draft-free with the help of draft stoppers on windows and doors.

What should I wear to bed in winter?

In winter, it's best to wear warm and comfortable sleepwear to ensure a cosy night's rest. Opt for thermal or flannel pyjamas for the best insulation. Long-sleeved tops and full-length bottoms are ideal to keep your arms and legs covered.

If you prefer something lighter, a thermal shirt or a sleep shirt paired with thermal leggings or pyjama bottoms can also work. The key is to choose sleepwear that traps body heat while allowing your skin to breathe.

What temperature should your bedroom be?

The perfect bedroom temperature for a comfortable night's sleep is 15.6-20°C (60-68°F), according to The Sleep Foundation. If your bedroom is too hot, cold, or draughty, it can impact how quickly you fall asleep and the quality of your sleep.

How can you get warm fast in bed?

If you want to get warm fast in bed, consider warming your bed before you dive in. An electric blanket does the trick, or you can slip a hot water bottle under the covers for a few minutes.

Alternatively, layer up with warm and insulating materials like flannel sheets and a fluffy down comforter. These layers trap your body heat. And don't forget to dress the part - thermal pyjamas and some comfy bed socks keep you toasty.

What’s the cheapest way to get warm in bed?

When it comes to the cheapest way to get warm in bed, it's all about layering. Start with what you have - your regular bedding. Layer on an extra blanket or two or even those old quilts you rarely use. You'd be surprised how much extra warmth they can provide.

If you're really on a budget, throw on some extra clothes you don't mind sleeping in, like a jumper or an extra pair of socks.