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Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors

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Pillow protectors are a great way to keep your pillows clean and improve their lifespan. They provide an additional layer of protection that keeps your favourite pillows clean and fresh.

At Sleepseeker, our anti allergy pillow protectors offer an extra layer of comfort for those with allergies. 

These pillow protectors come with Allergy UK's seal of approval and provide allergy, asthma and dust mite protection as you sleep. 

Benefits of pillow protectors

There are many reasons why you should start using pillow protectors with your pillows

  • Prevent build-ups - Pillows can experience a build-up of sweat, natural oils, lotions, perfumes, makeup, creams and more. As we spend a lot of our time asleep, it’s important to protect our pillows from these build-ups.
  • Provide more comfort - A pillow protector can add more comfort as you sleep. Protectors with a hollowfibre filling are great for adding more cushioning.
  • Increase moisture protection - Most of us release moisture as we sleep. Unfortunately, this can cause staining and odour on your pillows. With a pillow protector, you can protect your pillows and keep them clean.
  • Improve pillow lifespan - Protecting your pillows from excess moisture like sweat can make them last longer. 

Why choose anti allergy pillow protectors?

With lots of options to choose from, you might be wondering which to choose. If you experience allergies or have asthma, anti allergy pillow protectors are the right ones for your needs. 

These work perfectly alongside other anti allergy bedding and are great for using all year round through summer and winter. 

The Slumberdown Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors are a great option and feature a soft hollowfibre filling for added support. 

They’re easy to fit on standard size pillows and the breathable cotton quilted covers keep your pillows as good as new.

FAQs about anti allergy pillow protectors

What material is best for pillow protectors?

Pillow protectors can come in a variety of materials, but you’re most likely to find microfibre, cotton, polyester, or a combination of these. This is because these materials are soft, easy to clean and long-lasting. 

What does an anti allergy pillow protector do?

An anti allergy pillow protector helps to protect your pillow and improve your sleep at night. Having an extra protector on your pillow helps to prevent staining or marks, keeping your pillow fresh. 

The special anti allergy treatment on these pillow protectors protects against allergens, including pollen, dust mites, fungi and bacteria. 

What is anti allergy bedding?

If bedding is described as anti allergy, it has been treated to protect against dust mites and allergens like fungi and bacteria. Anti allergy bedding is an excellent option if you experience issues with allergies or have asthma, as it can improve your sleep and wellbeing

What is the best pillow for someone with allergies?

The best pillow for somebody with allergies is an anti allergy pillow. These pillows have undergone treatment to ensure they protect against any potential allergens. 

Sleepseeker offers a range of anti allergy pillows, including soft, medium and firm pillows, helping you to find the perfect match for your sleeping position. 

Discover our range of pillow protectors 

As experts in bedding, we know how important it is to find the right bedding for your bed and sleep position. 

Browse our full collection of bedding which includes pillows, duvets and pillow protectors. We have various options available to choose from, including anti allergy duvets. 

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