If you want to stay toasty warm in the winter season, an electric blanket will keep the chill away at night. You can learn how to use an electric blanket safely by following a few easy guidelines. 

If you're wondering how to put an electric blanket on a bed or whether it's safe to use one all night, check the instructions to put yourself at ease. Modern electric blankets are incredibly safe, with most designs suitable for use under a duvet or blanket. 

How to Use an Electric Blanket

Using an electric blanket is much like using any blanket, with a few extra steps for safety.

Only Use a New Electric Blanket

Even with excellent care, old, used electric blankets can be dangerous. Older blankets didn't have the same safety features that come standard today, and age can make the wiring brittle and prone to breakage. 

Read the Instructions

Don't skip this step. Each blanket manufacturer provides detailed instructions about what not to do, electric blanket tips, and exactly how to use the blanket safely. The instructions will also tell you if your blanket can be used under a duvet or left on overnight.

Inspect the Blanket

When you open the package, look at the blanket and cord to check for holes, fraying, cracks in the wire, or bare wire. If anything appears torn, cracked, worn, or broken, return it to the store where you purchased it.

How to Put an Electric Blanket on a Bed

If your blanket is suitable for use under a duvet or comforter, remove that top layer before you start. 

Spread It Out

Spread the electric blanket on top of your bed with the cord and controls at the foot. Don't tuck in the edges like you might with a regular blanket to avoid crimping or breaking any of the wires.

Plug It In

Plug the cord into the blanket and then into the wall. 

Turn It On

Set the controller to your desired temperature. If your blanket is suitable for use under a duvet, you can put the duvet on top at this time. Enjoy your warm bed!

Dos and Don'ts When Using an Electric Blanket

It's easy to learn how to use an electric blanket to get the most out of it and stay safe.


  • Make sure the cord is long enough to reach an electric socket from your bed. 
  • Set the temperature lower at first and turn it up as needed.
  • Get familiar with the setting controller before you use the blanket.
  • Read the care instructions, especially the washing and drying requirements, to avoid damaging the electric blanket. If you need more assistance, read our guide on how to wash an electric blanket.
  • Let it heat the bed before you turn in for the night. You might find the bed so warm you'll want to turn the blanket off before you fall asleep.
  • Roll the blanket gently to store it rather than folding as folding can cause damage to the wires inside. 
  • Let the blanket cool down before rolling it up to put it away. 
  • Replace your electric blanket at least every ten years. Even with care, the wires inside the blanket can get brittle with age and use.
  • Keep pets off the blanket, if you can. Not only can it be too warm for them at times, but their claws, chewing, and scratching can damage the blanket. 


  • Use more than one blanket, duvet, or comforter on top of your electric blanket. 
  • Tuck, fold, wad, or twist your electric blanket while it's in use. 
  • Drink water or any other beverage in bed while you're using the blanket. 
  • Plug the electric blanket into an extension cord or power strip (unless the instructions say this is safe). 
  • Lie on top of the electric blanket.
  • Use an electric blanket at the same time as a heating pad or heated mattress pad. 
  • Use with children who are too young to be able to control it.
  • Use with anyone who can't understand or who is physically incapable of operating the controls.
  • Use with anyone insensitive to heat, like someone with diabetes and neuropathy, to avoid injury. 
  • Run the cord under a rug or between the mattress and box springs. 
  • Forget to turn it off in the morning. Make it part of your routine, like making coffee and brushing your teeth.
  • Use an electric blanket on a waterbed or a folding bed that could pinch or crimp the wires.

Electric Blanket Tips

Get the most out of your electric blanket by following the best tips about proper use.

Only Buy New

Never buy a used electric blanket, a floor or demonstration model, or an open-box blanket. You'll have no way of knowing how well people cared for it or whether it was misused, which could pose a risk. 

Purchase a new electric blanket that's marked as BEAB Certified and look out for a guarantee or warranty for extra peace of mind.

Don't Skip the Instructions.

Using an electric blanket may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to ensure that your blanket has an auto-shut-off in case of overheating. 

You should also check that it's safe to use under a duvet or leave on all night. You'll be able to use most blankets this way, but you need to know if the instructions say otherwise. 

Buy an Electric Blanket With a Timer

You can use the blanket to heat your bed before you get under the covers and set it to go off after a specific amount of time. You'll save energy by letting it go off after you're asleep, and you'll never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on all day. 

Plan to Turn It Off Before You Sleep

If you're nervous about using an electric blanket or unsure about sleeping with it on, use the blanket to heat the bed for 30 minutes before you plan to sleep. 

If your blanket has a timer, set it to turn off automatically. If it doesn't have a timer, turn it off and unplug it when you go to bed. You'll be able to enjoy the residual warmth without worry. Read our can you sleep with an electric blanket on guide for more guidance.

Use a Dual-Control Electric Blanket

If you share a bed with someone who prefers a different sleeping temperature, a dual-control electric blanket will let you heat (or not) each side independently. 

Electric Blanket FAQs

All of the FAQs and tips for electric blankets apply to new blankets. Older models pose a risk of electric shock and fire. Replace old blankets with new ones that meet modern safety standards. 

Can you sleep with an electric blanket on?

Most people over the age of 12 can safely sleep with an electric blanket. People who are immobile or confused, people with health conditions like diabetes, or anyone who's incontinent should not sleep with one. They can use an electric blanket to warm the bed, then turn off and unplug it when they're ready to sleep. 

Can you leave an electric blanket on all night?

New electric blankets are generally safe to leave running overnight. Make sure your blanket has a feature that automatically shuts it off in case of an electric problem to avoid overheating or the risk of fire. 

Check the instructions for your blanket first to be sure it's not an exception, and follow the manufacturer's suggestions.

Does an electric blanket go under or on top of a mattress topper?

An electric blanket goes on top of you and the bedding unless you want to use it under the duvet, comforter, or top blanket. 

Don't lie on top of an electric blanket, or you risk damaging the wires. You can purchase a heated mattress pad to lie on, but you should still place that pad on top of the mattress protector and topper. 

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