It’s time to learn something completely life-changing. Putting on a new duvet cover is one of the chores many people genuinely despise. Not only can it be painfully awkward, but often your duvet doesn’t sit inside the cover all that well, or you somehow didn’t get it quite into that one corner, and you’ve got a flappy bit of sheeting. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that your days of worry are behind you. It’s time to roll up your duvet cover like it’s the tastiest burrito you’ve ever had, where your duvet makes up the spicy, zingy filling. The burrito method is the fuss-free way to put on a duvet.

So, without further ado, here’s how to burrito roll your duvet cover.

How to burrito roll a duvet cover in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out

Lay it out flat on your bed with the opening at the foot of your bed.

Step 2: Spread your duvet out over the duvet cover as neatly as possible

Make sure the corners match up and the edges run parallel. You want your duvet to be as aligned as possible, and it’s one of the more important steps. The neater you are now, the better filled your duvet cover will be at the end.

Step 3: Start at the top of the duvet and roll your burrito

You want to make a really tight roll from the top end down towards the duvet cover opening. Take your time; a sloppy roll will see your filling spread unevenly or come out the sides.

Step 4: Take your burrito and stuff the exposed corners of your duvet inside the hole in your duvet cover

Make sure those corners fit tightly into your duvet cover. Then invert the rest of the end of your cover to enclose the duvet, enveloping it. This is the trickiest step, and if you get it wrong, you may need to start the whole process again.

Step 5: Unroll your bedding burrito

Carefully back up your bedding. Make sure you smooth it out and adjust as you go to make sure your duvet fills your cover entirely.

Step 6: Smooth out your duvet cover and give it a good fluff

Now you’re good to go! Your duvet should fill your cover, and you’ll be left with a perfectly dressed duvet.

The perfect duvet to turn into a burrito

So now you’ve worked out how to burrito roll your duvet cover, it’s time to find the perfect duvet to turn yourself into the toastiest cinnamon bun that’s ever existed. At Sleepseeker, you’ll find luxury duvets and feather duvets of all tog ranges to fit a wide range of beds. We have the perfect duvet for every bed, ready and waiting to be turned into a burrito.