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Back and Side Sleeper Pillows

Everybody sleeps in a different position at night. Whether you sleep on your front, back or side, the correct pillow filling and firmness make all the difference. 

Having the right pillows in your bed can improve your sleep quality, ensuring you get a great night's sleep every night. 

At Sleepseeker, we're bedding experts who specialise in helping you find the ideal pillows for your sleeping needs. Our back and side sleeper pillows are specifically designed to provide comfort and support as you rest. 

Improve your sleep wellbeing and discover the proper pillow for your sleeping position.

How to choose the right pillow for your sleeping position

Knowing how to choose the perfect pillow as a back or side sleeper will improve your sleep quality. Some of the main things to consider include:

  • Sleeping position - Choosing the right pillow for how you sleep is key. 
  • Pillow fillings - There are lots of fillings to choose from, including hollowfibre, memory foam, feathers, and down.
  • Firmness - You can choose from soft, medium and firm pillows. 
  • Number of pillows - Consider how many pillows you like to sleep with. Some people will sleep with one and others may prefer two or more. This will depend on your sleeping position as well. 
  • Budget - You'll need to consider how much money you want to spend. You'll be able to choose between cheaper options through to more luxury pillows.
  • Anti allergy - Anti allergy pillows are ideal for those who experience hayfever, asthma or other allergies. 

FAQs about back and side sleeper pillows

What type of pillow is best for side and back sleepers?

Most side sleepers will find that a firmer pillow is better for them. Back sleepers will likely prefer a medium firmness pillow. 

What is the difference between a back and side sleeper pillow?

The main difference between back and side sleeper pillows is the firmness level. Medium pillows are typically the best pillows for back sleepers, and firm pillows are the best pillows for side sleepers

Side sleepers and back sleepers may sleep with a different number of pillows. For side sleepers, you can sleep with one or two pillows if you have broader shoulders.

However, back sleepers should sleep with one pillow only. This is to ensure proper spinal alignment as you sleep.

How many pillows you sleep with is entirely up to you - but you need to make sure you're comfortable and supported. 

What kind of pillow is best for lower back pain?

If you experience lower back pain, it's best to sleep on your side. You can improve your sleeping position by using an additional pillow between your knees. This will help improve your spine's alignment and relieve any lower back pain you might have.

For back sleepers, it's best to place a pillow under your lower back and knee area to keep the spine in alignment.

If you experience persistent back pain, such as chronic lower back pain, speak to your doctor for advice on how to improve sleep.

What pillow materials are best for side sleepers?

If you sleep on your side, you'd be better choosing a firm pillow made from memory foam or hollowfibre:

  • Memory foam pillows- This material will mould to the shape of your body, leaving you feeling fully supported.
  • Hollowfibre pillows - Hollowfibre is a great budget option and provides a fantastic level of support. 

Back sleepers may also find that memory foam and hollowfibre pillows suit them well. Other materials to consider when choosing a medium pillow include:

  • Goose down & duck down pillows - Down fillings are a brilliant option if you like soft and comfortable pillows with support.
  • Feather pillows - Feather fillings offer a luxury feel while supporting your head, neck and spine. 

Explore our back and side sleeper pillows

Discover our full bedding range and find the perfect pillow for your sleeping position. We've got something for everyone, no matter what you're looking for.

At Sleepseeker, we offer a wide range of pillows, duvets and other bedding to ensure you always have a good night's sleep. 

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